Odyssée 319 - Logbook

Olivier and Ferdinand's tale of Odyssée 319,from its begining to theirwinegrowers adventures.

  • Day 0 - Avize, June 2019

    We are tasting wines from champagne winegrowers as we like to do. We are fascinated once again by this rich diversity. What if we could vinify other grapes varieties from other terroirs next to our Chardonnays from Avize?...

  • Day 0 bis - Avize, January 2020

    The adventure is taking shape. Avize will be our starting point, our landmark. Each year, we will get to know winegrowers who work with passion the particularities of the lieux dits where their vines are planted. We will bring these grapes back to Avize to vinify this diversity that we like so much. We are convinced that combining a terroir with the passion of a winegrower creates emotion in the wines. Therefore we are searching for champagne emotions.

  • Day 1 - Chardonnay à Avize Le Levant

    Le Levant represents the typicity of southern Avize. Plots in the middle and down the hill unveil the specificities of these lieux dits, usually harvested earlier than the rest of the cru.

  • Day2 - Chardonnay à Avize Le Couchant

    We keep on discovering Avize by highlighting northern lieux-dits: Le Couchant. Another side of Avize where freshness and elegancy prevail.

  • Day 3 - Meunier à Belval sous Châtillon, summer2020

    We meet David Faivre in Belval sous Châtillon. David has been working the terroir of Belval since always. Passionate winegrower, always open, he bet early on a respectful agriculture. His good methods are today embodied by HEV / VDC certifications and a BIO conversion. We are impressed by the fruity intensity of the wines from Belval. Odyssée 319 will pass through Belval and Davif Faivre's Pinots Meuniers, vintage 2020.

Olivier Bonville, 4th generation of Champagne Franck Bonville, and his son in law Ferdinand Ruelle observe, understand and adapt themselves every day to the terroirs' particularities of Avize, Oger and Le Mesnil sur Oger, where they are winegrowers.

Olivier Bonville 

Ferdinand Ruelle